Sunday, March 31, 2013

EVENT: Secure Jobs in a Green Future Conference - Organised by SEARCH Foundation

Just a reminder that the Secure Jobs in a Green Future Conference is on next weekend in Sydney at the University of Technology, Sydney. Please spread the word about the conference (see flyer attached and program below) and you can register with trybooking here

We’ve got a great program, including an international speaker, Costas Isychos, the defence and foreign policy spokesperson for the radical left SYRIZA party, who is coming straight from Cyprus, the current epicentre of the European crisis. SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras has just been touring North America, Latin America and Europe to build support for an anti-austerity, anti-racist politics that provides a radical alternative to neo-liberalism. He might well be the next Greek Prime Minister (see more in this New Statesman interview ). We have a special session with Costas on the Saturday:  3.30pm-5.00pm Special Forum - SYRIZA, Greece and the European Left: challenges and opportunities in the crisis

above: The SYRIZA Logo
BELOW:  Timetable of the Conference

Saturday, April 6, 2013
9.30am Registration
10.15am Welcome to Country
Sydney Trade Union Choir
Sunday, April 7, 2013
9.30am Registration
10.30am-12.00pm Participatory Forum I
Building a Stronger Left
Panel: Mick Gooda (Aust Human Rights Commission)
Maree O’Halloran (Welfare Rights Centre)
Andrew Dettmer (AMWU)
Wenny Theresia (Occupy Sydney)
Angelo Gavrielatos (AEU)
10.00am-11.30am Participatory Forum II
Uniting to Fight the Abbott Coalition
Panel: Sally McManus (ASU, NSW/ACT)
Cate Faehrmann MLC (Greens NSW)
Tad Tietze (Left Flank)
TBC Labor Left speaker
Hall Greenland (Greens candidate, Grayndler)
Andrew Giles (Labor Socialist Left, Victoria)
12.00pm-12.30pm Speedgreets
12.30pm-1.30pm Lunch (provided)
1.30pm-3.00pm Workshop Session 1
11.30am-12pm Tea Break
12.00pm-1.30pm Workshop Session 2
Workshop 1
Understanding the Neoliberal Right and Australia’s Power Elite
Panel: Damien Cahill (USyd)
David McKnight (UNSW)
Wendy Bacon (UTS)
Workshop 9
Progressive Futures
Panel: Nick Moraitis (Centre for Australian Progress)
Lucy Manne (Aust Youth Climate Coalition)
Tim Scriven (Sydney Uni Post-Grad Students)
Linda Scott (Sydney) Labor City Councillor
Workshop 2
Empowering Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander
communities - Constitutional Recognition vs the Intervention
Panel: Nicole Major (AEU)
Heidi Norman (UTS)
Paddy Gibson (Stop the Intervention Collective)
David Shoebridge MLC (Greens NSW)
Workshop 10
Sustainable Futures
Panel: Nicky Ison (Institute for Sustainable Futures)
Anna Schlunke (Steady State Economy)
Alejandro Rodriguez (Super Renewables)
Workshop 3
Feminism: Challenges and Strategies
Panel: Eva Cox (Women’s Equity Think Tank)
Margaret Kirkby (Women’s Abortion Action Campaign)
Melanie Fernandez (Women’s Electoral Lobby)
Workshop 11
Campaigning for a Green Future
Panel: Dave Kerin (Earthworker Cooperative)
Jess Moore (Illawarra CSG campaign)
Tim Thorne (Tasmanian sustainability)
Phil Ireland (Labor Enviro Action Network)
Workshop 4
Equality, Race and Refugees in Australia
Panel: Jock Collins (UTS)
Dianne Hiles (Children Out of Detention)
Ian Rintoul (Refugee Action Coalition)
Workshop 12
Secure Work in a Green Future
Panel: Roy Green (UTS, Maunfacturing Report)
Jill Biddington (ACTU Inquiry into Secure Work)
Tim Ayres (AMWU)
Rose Jackson (ALP Socialist Left, NSW)
Workshop 5
Learning from Elsewhere
Panel: Peter Ross (UNSW)
Adam Rorris (Greek community, Sydney)
Thulsi Narayanasamy (Aid/Watch)
Workshop 13
Strategies for Stronger Trade Unions
Panel: Jim Casey (NSW FBEU)
Sally McManus (ASU NSW/ACT)
Rita Malia (CFMEU NSW)
Workshop 6
A Strong Public Sector and a Fair Tax System
Panel: Chris Stone (Centre for Policy Development)
Jo-Anne Schofield (Catalyst Australia)
John Kaye MLC (Greens NSW)
Troy Wright (CPSU-SPSF)
Workshop 14
Australia, the USA - China Confrontation & the Asia-Pacific
Panel: Peter Hayes (via skype) (Nautilus Institute)
Jane Corpuz-Brock (Migrante Australia)
Peter Jennings (Sydney - APHEDA)
Amy Smith (ALP Socialist Left, NSW)
Workshop 7
Free Trade Agreements vs Jobs and the Public Interest
Panel: Andrew Dettmer (AMWU)
Patricia Ranald (AFTINET)
Workshop 15
Left Responses to the Global Capitalist Crisis
Panel: Elizabeth Humphrys (USyd)
Graham Larcombe (Economist)
Jean Parker (UTS)
Workshop 8
Food and Resource Scarcity in the Capitalist Crisis
Panel: Catriona Macmillan (Syd Food Fairness Alliance)
Kathy Ridge (Ridgelegal)
Jacinta Green (UNSW)
1.30pm-2.15pm Lunch (provided)
2.15pm Adoption of Declaration
3.00pm-3.30pm Tea Break
3.30pm-5.00pm Special Forum
SYRIZA, Greece and the European Left: challenges and opportunities in the crisis
Guest Speaker: Costas Isychos (member of SYRIZA’s Secretariat and head of External and Defence Policy)
2.30pm - 4pm Participatory Forum III
Strategic Priorities for the Left
Panel: Rob Durbridge (SEARCH Foundation)
Holly Creenaune (United Voice)
Keelia Fitzpatrick (Victorian Trades Hall)
Maurie Mulheron (NSW Teachers Fed)
Senator Lee Rhiannon (NSW Greens)
Senator Doug Cameron (ALP Socialist Left)
5pm Drinks and Booklet Launch:
Enemies of a Fair Society
Frank Stilwell and Jenna Price
4pm Conference Close
coffee, tea, water available throughout conference


  1. Now that unemployment rate is slowly increasing, we need this kind of event to help those jobless people. We don't want to further increase this rate.

  2. it's the great blog and all the workshops are provide the good knowledge
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